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Home to: Geoff Bond's General Website



Home to: Geoff Bond's General Website

Geoff’s Most Requested Lectures

CME Lectures (Integrative Medicine for Medical Audiences)

  • Is Cancer Optional? Our evolutionary history gives us revolutionary insights for avoidance and remission.

  • Improving Patient Outcomes by Changing Physician Behaviors: Insights from evolutionary theory.

  • Integrative Medicine: The Paleo lifestyle for optimal health, fat loss and fitness. Science-based lifestyle principles to enrich medical practice - Insights from our Pleistocene origins. Download typical Handout.

  • Evolutionary Medicine: The psychology of ancestral behavioral programming, the stressful mismatch with today's social ecology, and how stress avoidance leads to better health outcomes. email for handout

  • Longevity and Healthy Lifespan: Darwinian insights into living to one's full genetic potential. email for handout

  • So you've Patched up the Degenerative Disease - now what do you advise your patient? Download typical Handout.

  • Its in the Literature, but No One Says it:  Darwinian Insights – Fact and fiction about cholesterol and CVD;  dairy and bone health;  8 glasses of water a day and other shibboleths. Download typical Handout.

  • Fear not Cancer: Our evolutionary history gives us revolutionary insights for avoidance and remission.

  • Human Origins & Metabolic Disease: How our ancient past programmed our biochemistry and what we can do about degenerative (metabolic) diseases today.  (A general overview). Download typical Handout.

  • Evolutionary Biology: Differences in vulnerability to lifestyle diseases of people of various ethnic origins. email for handout

General Audiences

  • Lifestyle changes for Health & Beauty: Darwinian Insights

  • The Five Unwitting Things We Do To Get Cancer: Revolutionary insights from our evolutionary past for avoidance and recovery.

  • Weight: The Key to being Human -- and Win the Weight Game

  • Ageing: Reverse the Aging Process by Learning the Vital Secrets to Longevity which lie in our Genes

  • Degenerative Disease: The Lifestyle/Disease Connection

  • Cancer: Why you shouldn’t fear Cancer - and how to mobilize your Body’s Powerful Defenses to Defeat Cancer

  • Attractiveness: Renew Image Appeal! – Rediscover Our Genetic Program for Health, Beauty and Fitness

  • Why Diets don’t work – Discover the Food-Body-Mind Connection.


Drive down Employees Health-related Costs

Maximize Personal Performance and Increase Productivity – avoid the Morning and Afternoon "Slump"

  • An Immune System Firing on All Cylinders
    Is too much employee time lost to colds, flu and infections? Is productivity undermined by hay fever, allergies and headaches? Are staff away with cancers, arthritis and surgical complications? Our powerful program coaches your staff in the habits that will revolutionize their lives and restore them to the disease-resistant health which is our human heritage.

  • Stress Busters
    Stress contributes to over 50% of all work days lost. There are simple techniques and habits that you can incorporate to reduce the impact stress has on employee health. We help you improve productivity and slash health costs by reducing the influence stress has on your employees.

  • The Healthy Way to Weight Control
    Being overweight is not simply an image or wardrobe issue, it increases the risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other debilitating diseases. Our approach to weight loss ensures a long term solution. We clear up the confusion created by fad diets and uncover the key to successful weight control. Your staff will lose weight, gain energy and an overall sense of well-being

  • The Superwoman Syndrome
    Are your employees undermined by the conflicting demands of work, family and leisure? This program targets the overstretched woman, focusing on the fundamental need to nurture and nourish herself and her family. The result is content and healthy women in the workplace, who are able to successfully balance the needs of employer and family.


If you want to find out about Geoff’s speaking fees and availability, or if you want more detail on his publications or programs, please contact the speakers’ bureau that referred you to this site. 


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