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Geoff James Bond

Nutritional Anthropologist


Geoff Bond was born in wartime England and, like the rest of the population, lived on austerity rations for the next ten years. He considers this a lucky start in life: the British people had never been healthier, before or since. 

After initial schooling in Hampstead, Geoff won an academic scholarship to the élite County Grammar School, Hendon where he majored with distinction in mathematics and the natural sciences. From there he was successful at the examining board competitions for a place at The University of London. He fast-tracked the program and graduated with honours in physical sciences in 1964.

Four years later, Geoff completed post-graduate professional qualifications in applied sciences and then spent many years bringing clean water and other benefits of civilization to remote villages in the third world. Here he continued and widened his earlier studies in anthropology, biochemistry, and evolutionary human development. Often by living amongst them, he examined at first hand the lifestyles of peoples as diverse as the Hausa and Fulani of West Africa, the Berbers of North Africa and the Aborigines of Australia.

Geoff's vaulting ambition was to identify the feeding pattern that was right for the human species. It was only by the mid 1990’s that cutting-edge discoveries, over a wide range of scientific endeavor, made this possible.  Geoff is only comfortable grounding his work in scientific evidence, intellectual rigor and original thinking. The evidence was there – but fragmented and obscurely buried in the literature of dozens of disparate scientific disciplines. Furthermore, no one had put it all together in a comprehensible and usable form – both for health professionals and the general public. Geoff worked to synthesize the evidence into a plan for nutrition in today’s world – and called it Natural Eating.

This new science, called nutritional anthropology, is the spellbinding story about what it means to be human—in nutritional terms. It provides an extraordinarily powerful understanding of how, by eating in harmony with the way our bodies are designed, we can rejoice in the best possible health and relish the prospect of a long life. This original approach brings clarity to the problems of lifestyle and disease today and illuminates how, ideally, we should be living our lives in the modern world.  At the same time it calls into question many received ideas of conventional nutrition, lifestyle and human behavior.

Many dogmas that we now know to be incorrect, continue to be promulgated through ignorance of the facts, cognitive dissonance, political expediency and commercial misinformation. Geoff trained as a public speaker with the National Speaker’s Association in Los Angeles and began a campaign of  writing and speaking about this anthropological approach to nutrition and other lifestyle matters.

In 1999 Emmanuel Kampouris, Chairman and CEO of American Standard Inc, commissioned Geoff to author a healthy eating booklet for their 35,000 employees called An Introduction and Guide to Natural Eating. A year later, Griffin Publishing Group published Geoff Bond's first book, "Natural Eating - Nutritional Anthropology: Eating in harmony with our genetic programming”. Christopher Brown M.D., one-time researcher at the National Institutes of Health, endorsed the book and provided the foreword.

Geoff speaks to corporations, hospitals, clinics, business groups, schools, companies, charities etc. both in America and in Europe. He is a popular and controversial guest on radio and TV shows in America and in various locations in England and Europe.

Geoff's latest book “Deadly Harvest: The Intimate Link Between our Health and Our Food” was published by Square One Publishers of New York in March 2007.


If you want to find out about Geoff’s speaking fees and availability, or if you want more detail on his publications or programs, please contact the speakers’ bureau that referred you to this site. 


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