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Geoff James Bond

Nutritional Anthropologist

Some Endorsements

Alain Fymat, President/CEO, Professor, International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc., Rancho Mirage, California

“Your lecture of today was quite informative and we left feeling having been enriched by it. You delivered a masterful presentation with breadth, depth, ...and even humor! We thank you, very much indeed.”

Rudolf Haider, M.D., Chairman, Education Committee, Los Alamitos Medical Center, California.
I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your lecture, "Degenerative Diseases are Optional"...  It was very informative.  Your contribution to the quality of our Medical Education Program and to physician knowledge is greatly appreciated...the Summary of Program Evaluations compiled from responses of physician attendees [shows] your presentation was very well received. MORE...

James Melton Ph D, The Melton Corporation, California:
"...Any person or organization could certainly benefit from the wisdom you have to share about the foods we eat, our diet and our health. 

"After becoming familiar with your work it is no surprise to me to discover that American Standard has invested in 35,000 of your books to distribute to their employees. A large "bravo" to American Standard for taking the initiative to educate their employees toward health enhancement, and laying the groundwork for job satisfaction and reducing absenteeism...

“...Geoff, you have demonstrated your ability to educate an audience with your extensive knowledge … delivered in a personal and approachable style…” MORE...

Elber S.Camacho, M.D. Medical Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, California.
"Geoff Bond delivers a stimulating talk regarding a healthful and natural way of eating and the connection between diet and many of our debilitating illnesses.  This is an honest and fresh approach with no gimmicks, but well researched with the information given in an easily understood language. The listeners come away with the inspiration for change and with the right tools to implement those changes in their lifestyle."

Rita Stec, M.D. Executive Director, Women's Wellness, Rancho Mirage, California.
"Geoff Bond brings to the medical community a long overdue message regarding the critical role nutrition plays in our health.  He presents his well-researched message clearly, and fascinates his audiences with wit and humor in the process."

Don Harper, Principal, Eaton House School, London:
“Your talk to some 150 staff and parents was eye-opening, amusing, fascinating and incredibly informative. Your original insights really sparked their interest…”

Emmanuel Kampouris, Chairman and CEO, American Standard Inc, Piscataway, New Jersey.
“Over 100 of our top people attended and the program was engaging and stimulated a great deal of discussion in our organization. The workshops fitted perfectly with our program of improving employee health and well-being…”

Teresa Whipple, Vice President – Executive Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Desert Regional Hospital, Palm Springs, California:
"The Comprehensive Cancer Center thanks you for your enlightening talk on lifestyle and health, which you presented recently to the desert community.  It was the Center’s best-attended lecture of the season and it drew residents from every city in the area... MORE ...

Jacqueline Steltz Lenarsky, Manager, Continuing Medical Education, Providence St Joseph Hospital, Burbank, CA:
"It’s my pleasure, on behalf of our Medical Education Committee, to send you a sincere thank you for your excellent and thought-provoking lecture on natural eating and degenerative disease to over 120 medical staff. It was very well-received, as you can tell from the enclosed copy of the summary of evaluations... MORE...

Christopher Brown, MD, Director, Sheridan Research Institute, Wyoming
"Your presentation at our Community Information program was extremely well received. The audience was so intrigued that they stayed to ask questions long after the usual time. It is a remarkable testimony to how you awakened peoples’ consciousness to your mind-expanding insights... MORE...

Tracey Scroggin, 3rd Grade Teacher, La Quinta Junior School, CA
"You're a hit with me and my students!  We have been on a continuum of daily conversations about your wonderful visit... It seemed as if time stood still while you and Rita talked.... We all wished you could have stayed longer and enjoyed every minute... We hope you will visit us again.  As you travel through the world we would love to hear from you. Thank you for touching our lives."


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