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Geoff James Bond

Nutritional Anthropologist



A science graduate of London University, Geoff later experienced at first hand the cultural and eating habits of indigenous peoples all around the world. As a nutritional anthropologist, Geoff studies the origins of the human race.


His "Bond Effect" precepts encompass:


-       The new understanding of the deep impulses programmed into our brains and how these insights help us manage our thought processes in today's dysfunctional societal environment

-       The essence of the eating pattern for which the Human species is designed.


Controversially Geoff jettisons a lot of received ideas - the mechanistic approach of dietitians and nutritionists - and many of the treasured tenets of 'alternative' lifestyles.

At the forefront of scientific research, he brings clarity to the conflicting messages that bombard us all. His work is based entirely on proven scientific discovery and is endorsed by medical professionals.


Geoff Bond lectures, writes and consults on the Bond Effect around the world. His latest book "Deadly Harvest" is published by Square One in USA. His previous work, "Natural Eating" is published in USA, France, Germany and Russia. Geoff edits a Monthly Newsletter and, with his wife Nicole, has written a cookbook "Healthy Harvest".


Geoff's precepts are a key element in Corporate Health Programs where he gives motivational talks and practical workshops to senior management and the workforce, for example:


-       AMERICAN STANDARD INC, who  see in Geoff's program a way to bring employee health costs under control and improve productivity. In addition to the talks and workshops, Emmanuel Kampouris, President and CEO,  distributed  35,000 copies of Geoff's book "The Guide to Natural Eating" to his workforce.


-       Dickson Buxton of PRIVATE CAPITAL CORPORATION says that "Natural Eating could become the greatest resource book since another Englishman, Samuel Johnson, wrote the first English dictionary."


Geoff Bond speaks also to Medical Establishments, Business Groups and Educational Establishments, such as the prestigious and exclusive private school, EATON HOUSE SCHOOL in London.

He has a long on-going relationship with the SHERIDAN MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Wyoming. Director Dr Chris Brown says “I hope that Natural Eating will have a significant impact on the future of nutrition.” University libraries buy Geoff’s books as a resource book.


Geoff has over twenty years of speaking experience and is also a Radio and TV talk show personality.  He is an accomplished and entertaining international Speaker, who sparks people's interest.  He is bilingual in French and often makes presentations in Francophone countries.



If you want to find out about Geoff’s speaking fees and availability, or if you want more detail on his publications or programs, please contact the speakers’ bureau that referred you to this site. 


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